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Powerline Operations

Using the latest helicopter powerline construction equipment innovations, coupled with a willing and consultative attitude and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Leading Edge Helicopters operate to a standard that surpasses it’s competitors.

To be able to successfully, efficiently and safely carry out power line operations not only is a suitable helicopter needed, also specialised equipment is needed. Leading Edge Helicopters has designed and constructed equipment that is fitted to the helicopter so that cable stringing and airborne platform tasks can be carried out.

The powerline services provided  are:


  • Stringing draw wire, conductor, OHEW & OPGW

  • Tower Erection

  • Tower Dismantling

  • Lifting Insulators and Pulleys

  • Concrete Pouring

  • Optical Fibre / Earth Wire Installation

  • Spacer Installation

  • Damper installation

  • Marker Ball Installation


  • Bare Hand Maintenance (Live Line)

  • Spacer Replacement

  • Insulator Replacement

  • Insulator Testing

  • Full tension joint resistance inspection

  • Airborne personnel tower transfer

  • Inspections and Patrols of powerlines

  • Mapping (Asset, Survey)

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