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Precision Lift

Leading Edge Helicopters flight and ground crews are experienced in all aspects of helicopter lifting.

Extensive pre-planning, organisation of permits (both CASA and Police), and road closures are all taken care of by us. Our vast experience in precision lifting and construction in both remote and urban locations will ensure that any lifting project will be completed successfully.

The use of a helicopter over a crane can produce significant cost savings due to the reduction in manpower, no crane set up/tear down requirements, completion of the job in hours

( as opposed to days) and ease of operation.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Air Conditioning Units

  • Installation of signage for buildings,

  • Communication Tower erection

  • Powerline tower erection/demolition

  • Concrete pouring

  • Relocation of building materials

  • Drill Rig Shifts

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